Upon Jelly Beans in a Wash of Amniotic Fluid

This pale green is for life.  The thin stalks are 
eightfold, edging through the earth.

This white one is for birth.  White baby's swath who
never became, suction of a plastic tube, also white.

This almost-black green is for k.  Too much time
absorbing the curve of his collarbone, skeletal.

This purple one is for wounds.  The self-
hunting hyenas that do not cease eating.

This chocolate brown is for fatigue.  The fingers
shiver, holding a tomato to be cut for dinner.

This tan, spotted with brown, is for hope.  Face of
a tarot card drawn for the future, the joyous Star.

This midnight blue is for solitude.  A single
fish swims in and out of its seaweed castle.

This blotched with red and blue pink is for me.
Stains upon my birth.