About Blue

This is the 2017 version of Blue.

The first version was posted in July 1996, the second in November 1998. The poems were written between 1992 and 1996.


Poems in Blue appeared in the following literary journals and zines:

The Axe Factory Review – “Upon Jelly Beans in a Wash of Amniotic Fluid”, “Dried”

The Blue Ruin – Visions from “A View of Metaphysics”

Clean Sheets – “evolutionary wheat”

Confluence “The Nile in Flood Season”

Kimera – “interim”, “alternations”

the kinte space variations of “the mesh of a contusion”, “Rave”, and “alternations”

The Ledge – “A View of Metaphysics”

Louisville Review “Meditations on Anicca”

pacific REVIEW “ophelie”, “child by the ocean at night”

Poetry Tonight “twenty-eight days” 

Shades of December  “heaven/earth”, “i am a dot, in your paragraph …”

So to Speak Degeneration from “Variations on a Theme”

Tintern Abbey  – “Upon Jelly Beans in a Wash of Amniotic Fluid”

Women’s Network: Arts and Letters – “smith sisters”, “song”

Writing for Our Lives – “dreaming of water”